Car Service in Mulkiteo

When your check engine light keeps coming on, when lights for your seat belt keeps blinking – even when you are safely buckled up, or when your vehicle persistently informs you, “Your door is ajar,” it just might be time for car service in Mulkiteo. At Conaway Motors we are prepared to help.

Car Service in Mulkiteo

But you don’t have to wait for that kind of attention-getting behavior from your vehicle before taking it in to your mechanic for a general check-up. Regular car service is very much like going to your dentist, optometrist or medical doctor at least once a year whether you need it or not. You mechanic can run diagnostics on your motor, electrical systems, brake systems and even take a look at the wear on your tires. Even the very best automobiles develop wear over time. Regular check-ups can identify parts that are just not working quite right any longer, and save you some hefty towing bills or even bigger repair bills when a small part causes a big problem.

Spring weather can be a challenge for your vehicle – washed out roads, sudden showers, fluctuations in temperature can all create special strains on your car. Even something as simple as a worn windshield wiper blade has the potential to interfere with visibility and therefore to cause problems with safe travel.

So give us a call at (425)905-2424. Our well-trained professional mechanics at Conaway Motors will be happy to take care of your car service in Mulkiteo. We know that when the weather is changeable, you want to be able to rely on your vehicle to perform well – whether you are running away from a tornado or just trying to get to work on time in the middle of a sudden rain storm.