Fuel System Service in Everett

At Conaway Motors, Inc., we can help you out with fuel system service in Everett. Just about everyone who drives a motor vehicle knows how important it is to get your oil filter and oil changed regularly. But not very many people realize that there are filters and moving parts in your fuel system that can affect your vehicle’s ability to run properly.

Fuel System Service in Everett

Your vehicle probably has a fuel pump, it has a fuel filter, gas lines, and it has a gas tank. You probably don’t even notice them, until your gas gauge tells you that it is time to fill up again. But gasoline has a substance in it that creates a varnish on moving parts. Over time that varnish can build up on pistons and other moving parts, creating a gummy, glue-like substance that can cause them to stick and malfunction. Gas lines can develop leaks – and that can not only cost you at the gas pump, it can also create a potential fire hazard. In addition, a fuel system that is not operating properly causes more air pollution than one that is in good repair.

For these reasons it is important for your fuel system to have regular check-ups – just like your oil system. Service for your fuel system includes putting in a new fuel filter, and performing all the other maintenance details designed to keep which will help keep your fuel system operating as it should.

If it has been a while since your last fuel system service in Everett, please be sure to give us a call at Conaway Motors, Inc. Our number is (425)905-2424, and our trained professionals will be happy to help you out.