Mini Service & Repair Shop Near Mill Creek

Mini service & repair shop near Mill Creek

Conaway Motors is your Mini service & repair shop near Mill Creek. If you already own a Mini, you know what great little cars they are, and, no doubt, you want to keep up the service and repair to keep yours in operation. If you are not quite sure what a “Mini” is, then let us explain.

The original Minis were made by the British Motor Corporation, and were manufactured by that company and its successors from 1959 through 2000. Models included the Morris Mini-Minor, the Austin Seven, the Countryman, Moke and Clubman. Some of you might now begin recognizing these names, especially if you enjoy viewing vintage movies. More recently, BMW was looking for ways to broaden their line of vehicles, and purchased the Mini marque – a marque is the British version of “brand.” The marque is the word “mini” inside a circle, flanked by two stylized wings. The Mini has its film history. In 1963, the original British Mini was featured in the Italian Job, a movie about a gold heist that starred Noel Coward and Michael Caine. The movie was remade in 2003 and featured the new Mini Cooper. The remake starred Donald Southerland, Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton.

Conaway Motors is your Mini service & repair shop near Mill Creek, call us at (425)905-2424 to learn more about these feisty little cars. The Italian Job is about payback against a former associate, who became the victim of the gold heist. We, however, are the company where honesty is not left by the side of the road. We create honest estimates, and work with you so that you do not leave our establishment feeling as if you have been the victim of a “gold heist.”