Oil Change Service in Marysville

Here at Conaway Motors we would like to remind customers of the importance of oil Change service in Marysville. An oil change is one of the simplest yet important ways to protect your motor from wear, tear and grime. Service is more than just changing out the old oil for new, however. It includes putting in new filters, checking for leaks and making sure that the plugs in your vehicles motor are not being fouled by leaking oil.

Oil Change Service in Marysville

A good oil change service makes sure that the oil in your motor is doing its job: preventing moving parts from rubbing together and causing friction. Oil loses its effectiveness over time. It picks up grime from the combustion process that makes your car run, and it can even acquire dirt from unpaved roads and other atmospheric sources. That dirt accumulates in your oil filter, and can eventually even make it clog up, preventing oil from getting to the places where it is needed to do its job.

Climate changes can also affect the oil in your motor, and in zones with cold winters and hot summers, your vehicle might even need a different weight of oil to function properly. Keeping up this simple maintenance procedure can prevent the pistons in your motor from seizing up or causing cracks in the motor. Changing your oil regularly is much less expensive than changing out your motor or completely replacing your vehicle.

That is why at Conaway Motors we advise our customers to take advantage of regular oil change service in Marysville. Give us a call at (425)905-2424, and let our trained professionals make sure that your vehicle is ready for the road.