What is the Difference Between BMW Service 1 & 2?

As the owner of the superbly engineered Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) vehicle, you might be curious as to the differences between the Snohomish BMW Inspection 1 & Inspection 2 services. If so, you are by no means alone in your curiosity. There is definitely more to it than price — which may deter you from opting for Inspection 2. It is strongly recommended that you first consult your Owner’s Manual before determining which Inspection will assure that your BMW is properly service to maintain warranty requirements. Keeping in mind that the services performed with Inspection 2 include all the services performed under Inspection 1 plus additional maintenance, be certain to follow your Owner’s Manual for mileage readings to have maintenance performed.


The smaller of the inspection services, Inspection 1 includes inspection and maintenance to assure that all safe operation as well as full functionality of all your vehicle’s systems:


  • Check engine oil at normal operating temperature
  • Change engine oil and oil filter
  • Check rear axle, fuel tank, fuel lines and connections for leaks
  • Visually inspect exhaust system for condition, position and leaks
  • Check all brake pads for wear & examine discs for wear; clean caliper contact points
  • Check power steering fluid level; check power steering system for leaks
  • Check for excess play in steering, condition of suspension track rods, front axle joints, steering linkage and joint disc
  • Grease Wheel center hubs
  • Inspect front control arm bushing for excess wear
  • Inspect brake and clutch system connectors; check lines for leaks, damage and incorrect positioning
  • Measure all 4 tires’ pressure — correct as necessary (remember to consider time of year)
  • Inspect all 4 tires for tread wear or uneven tread wear; align as necessary

Engine Compartment

  • Using BMW scanner, read diagnostic system
  • Inspect engine cooling system and heater hoses and connections for leaks
  • Verify coolant level — add as necessary
  • Check brake and clutch fluids — add as necessary
  • Check air conditioner’s operation
  • Check windshield washer fluid and antifreeze levels — add as necessary
  • Reset service indicator

Body & Electrical Equipment

  • Inspect battery electrolytes — add distilled water as necessary
  • Battery load test — install new battery if necessary
  • Check operation of all lights; headlights, fog lights, parking, backup, license plate, interior, glove box, flashlight, illuminated makeup mirrors, luggage compartment lights, instrumentation and dashboard illumination, warning/indicator, turn signals, hazard warning flashers, brake lights, horns, dimmers/flasher switch — repair/replace as necessary
  • Check wiper blades and operation of wipers; repair/replace as necessary
  • Inspect condition/function of safety belts
  • Oil and grease hood, trunk or tailgate and all door hinges
  • Check locking mechanisms
  • Check heat/air conditioning blower and rear window defogger; replace micro-air filter
  • Inspect rear view mirrors
  • Visually inspect air bags for damage; check all decals and other ornamentation for damage

Inspection 2

If your vehicle requires Inspection 2 Service, the technician will perform every inspection/service/maintenance listed for Inspection 1 plus:


  • Inspect parking brake lining
  • Check flexible boots for leakage
  • Inspect body of vehicle for rust per rust prevention warranty

Engine Compartment

  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace air filter

Body & Electrical Equipment

  • No additional inspection/maintenance beyond those performed in Inspection 1

Both maintenance packages include a full road test to check brakes, suspension, steering. Also, the clutch for manual transmission and operation of automatic transmission is checked during road test. Before making the decision which Inspection package to choose, consult with your Snohomish BMW Service technician.