3 Most Common Problems with Everett Mercedes Brakes

Noted for their durability and innovation, Mercedes vehicles are prone to brake failure just like any other car.Mercedes Brakes Unfortunate, but true! The fact of the matter is, that with regular visual inspection, you can often catch a problem while it is still minor — saving the expense of a major repair. A good practice is to have your Everett Mercedes Service technician inspect the condition of your brakes with every oil change.

In addition to a regular visual inspection of your brakes, be aware of the following warning signs of trouble:

  1. Vibration — if your car vibrates during braking, it can be an indication that the rotors/discs have worn unevenly. Generally a sign that the brake pads are applying uneven pressure, it is essential that you have the rotor either resurfaced or replaced. It is essential that this problem be rectified as soon as possible to assure that your Mercedes will stop effectively. By maintaining the condition of the brake pads with regular replacement, your rotor’s life will be extended. Often, the rotor will be ground to erase signs of grooving from the brake pads each time the pads are replaced. The rotor can only be resurfaced/ground a finite number of times before requiring replacement.
  2. Spongy Brakes — often a sign of a problem with the hydraulics of the braking system, this is an issue that must be addressed immediately. Although you can adjust your braking habits to allow for a greater stopping distance, you will not be able to stop quickly in emergencies! The temptation to wait for repair should be resisted as this is a definite safety concern.
  3. Brake Warning Light — the sensitive monitoring of your Mercedes brake system indicates the first sign of trouble with the warning light. You likely are not even aware of an issue at this point, but it is essential that if the warning light is illuminated to have the brake system fully inspected to find the problem.

As with any vehicle, driving and environmental conditions will eventually take a toll on your Mercedes brakes. Keeping a watch on the system with regular visual inspection will insure your safety and potentially minimize repair costs if a problem is caught early. The master mechanics at Everett Mercedes Service will assure your vehicle is in top running condition and keep your car running (and stopping) smoothly!