3 Signs of Exhaust System Trouble | When to Call Conaway Motors

Understanding the exhaust system of your vehicle is the key to knowing if something is amiss. Catching a problem early can save expensive repairs if not repaired at the first sign of trouble. The Exhaust System Repair Experts at Conaway Motors would like to help you learn about your vehicle’s exhaust system.

The Function of the Exhaust System

The primary function of your vehicle’s exhaust system is to direct harmful emissions from combustion away from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Secondary to this critical safety concern, the exhaust system also controls your vehicle’s emissions to the environment. Finally, the exhaust system reduces the amount of noise your vehicle makes.


  1. The by-products of combustion from the engine (CO, etc.) are transferred into the exhaust manifold that;
  2. Transfers the harmful gases through the exhaust pipe that;
  3. Channels the harmful gases into the catalytic converter that chemically converts the harmful gases into inert, less harmful gases (CO2); and
  4. The muffler reduces the noise created by the engine and finally,
  5. The tailpipe emits the converted, less harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Signs of Trouble

Recognizing problems early requires that you are familiar with the normal operational noises and smells of your exhaust system. By familiarizing yourself with how your car should sound, smell, look, etc., you will be able to recognize a problem in its earliest stages and potentially avoid catastrophic failure that can be costly to repair.

1. Listen

Often, a strange noise from beneath your car is the first sign of an exhaust leak. Should you hear any strange noise, such as a clunk, rattle or thump from beneath your vehicle, have the Exhaust Repair Specialists at Conaway Motors perform a full inspection. If you happen to hear a clicking, popping or roaring from the engine, this could indicate a cracked exhaust manifold. On the other hand, overall increased noise could likely indicate a problem with the muffler. When the tailpipe is leaking, you may notice a whistling noise.

2. Smell

If you detect a sharp, acidic or sickly sweet smell inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle – you likely have an exhaust leak. The Exhaust Repair Experts at Conaway Motors strongly advise that you have your exhaust system inspected and repaired immediately! This indicates a definite safety hazard, if noxious fumes are leaking into your vehicle.

3. Look

Should you notice any rusting or obvious cracks in your exhaust system upon visual inspection, you most definitely should schedule a full inspection at Conaway Motors. The Everett Exahust System Repair Experts can determine exactly where your system is leaking and repair/replace the components that have failed. Finally, a quick look at the exhaust system while your vehicle is operating will reveal any obvious leaks – any exhaust coming from somewhere other than the tailpipe is definitely a problem!