30k Mile Service in Lake Stevens

30k Mile Service in Lake StevensConaway Motors reminds our customers that we are prepared to help with their 30k mile service in Lake Stevens. This is an important check-up for your vehicle, since there are several parts on most vehicles that will start to wear out at the 30k mile mark. Of course, if you have been keeping up with yearly tune-ups and regular oil changes, there is a good chance that the 30k service will just be another check-up.

In many ways, your 30k mile service is just like a super maintenance run. But your auto mechanic will look at everything – brakes, suspension, oil, filters, fluids. The tires should get rotated and balanced. Worn belts, hoses, and similar items might need to be replaced. Bolts and screws get checked and tightened, as needed. Wind shield wipers, exhaust system – everything gets a once over. Also, your vehicle will be examined to make sure that any parts that have had a recall are taken care of – something that can be pretty important these days with all of the mandates to get certain vehicles off the road before they can cause a fatal crash – like those exploding air bags. No one needs that when they are already in an emergency situation.

Conaway Motors is ready to help with your 30k mile service in Lake Stevens. Just give us a call at (425)905-2424 when that odometer kicks over, showing that it is time for that big check-up. Our dedicated mechanics will do their best to give you an honest assessment of your vehicles condition and to take care of preventative maintenance that will keep your go-buggy on the road for another 30k miles. We are ready to help when it is time for your vehicle’s check-up.