30k Mile Tune-Up Service at your Nissan Repair Service Shop Near Mill Creek

Your 90k Mile Service in Mill CreekAt Conaway Motors we know that it is important to get your 30k mile tune-up service at your Nissan repair service shop near Mill Creek. Nissan’s are tough little vehicles, built for steady service, but even they need the occasional maintenance or repair.

Keeping up with service visits can prolong the life of your vehicle. If your car or truck is still under warranty, it is important to get those service visits to meet requirements for keeping the warranty valid. Even after the warranty expires, however, a service visit can catch small things that can become much bigger things if neglected. Oil changes, tire rotation, brake checks, and checks of belts and hoses are all important. And let’s not forget about filters – oil filters, gasoline filters and even air filters are part of your vehicles operating system. Changing them out for new ones can noticeably improve your vehicle’s performance. In addition, there are parts (we have a list) that are likely to begin to show wear at around 30k miles on any vehicle. Your car or truck might or might not be showing those signs of wear, but we take the time to check them anyway.

Call Conaway Motors at (425)905-2424 to schedule your 30k mile tune-up service at your Nissan repair service shop near Mill Creek. We use only OEM authentic parts, and our mechanics are licensed and certified to work on your brand of vehicle. We offer honest estimates of repair and maintenance costs, and keep you in the loop for any added repairs or replacements we find in the course of a routine check-up. We are dedicated to good workmanship and fair dealings with all our customers.