30k Mile Tune-Up Service in Marysville, Is It Worth It?

When you buy a newer car, it can be exciting. Whether your car is new with 0 miles, or merely new to you, if it is under 30,000 miles, then you will need to think about 30k mile tune-up service in Marysville at some point in the future.

The reason for this periodic tune-up is that your car needs maintenance. Sure, you will need to change the oil every now and again, but is it worth it to pay for added tune-up services? The short answer may be yes, but it is always nice to understand why.

Consider Your Warranty

In order to keep your auto warranty valid, you have to keep up with the maintenance of your car. If you skip the 30k mile tune-up service and end up with a warranty problem, then you could be turned away for service.

30k Miles = Years of Use

Even if you recently purchased your vehicle, by the time it reached 30,000 miles, it is typically at least a few years old, maybe even three or four years old! By having the 30k mile tune-up service you will ensure your vehicle is in good condition and that it will last for many years to come.

What Does a 30,000 Mile Service Include?

Typically your service will include various inspections on different parts such as fuel lines, hoses, belts, your transmission, and all of the fluids in your car. You will also have important objects checked, such as your breaks, exhaust, muffler, and pretty much every aspect of your car that makes it run properly.

Especially if you need filters replaced, or systems flushed, this is the time it will be done. Rather than wait until things break, you can have your entire car examined to make sure it is running smoothly. You can also add in an oil change and rotate your tires during the same visit, which would otherwise be an added necessary cost.

Do not be tempted to put off your 30k mile tune-up service in Marysville, as this could cost you more in the long run. To schedule your tune-up service or any other auto-related services, call the Conaway Motors auto shop at (425) 905-2424.