60+ Years of Reliable Car Repair Service in Lynnwood

60+ Years of Reliable Car Repair Service in Lynnwood

If you have invested in a vehicle, then you need to stay on its service schedule. Why delay the service when you can get it done at one of the best car repair service in Lynnwood? At Conaway Motors, we provide a range of services for your car, including:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Tire Alignment, Rotation, and Pressure Checks
  • Battery Replacement
  • AC Repair and Service
  • Clutch Repair and Service
  • Oil and Lube Service
  • Timing Belt and Transmission Repair

Tips For Better Car Care

Replace Broken Parts Immediately

If you have a broken tail light, windshield wipers that aren’t functioning properly, or any other sort of issue, make Conaway Motors, your first stop. Driving without these is illegal in most areas and can turn hazardous in adverse weather conditions.

Check the Oil and Fluids as Recommended

Inspecting and replacing fluids regularly ensures your car runs smoothly. Filters also need to be replaced frequently as they keep the dirt out of your engine and other moving parts.

Check Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure needs to be just right at all times as they contribute to your and your car’s safety. 

It can be difficult to keep all these in mind, more so if you’ve have no experience with a car. So bring your car to us!

The Conaway Motors team is always there for you whether you need new parts, inspection, or car repair service in Lynnwood. We use the best tools at our shop and ensure only OEM parts are used when replacements are carried out. We also have a friendly customer service team you can talk to at (425) 905-2424.