90K Mile Service in Snohomish

90K Mile Service in SnohomishConaway Motors is ready for your 90K Mile Service in Snohomish. Whether you have arrived at that milestone because you spend a lot of time driving your car, or whether it is because your vehicle has given faithful service for a good, long while, 90K is a significant moment in the life of your car.

Now, that doesn’t mean that your vehicle is suddenly going to start falling apart, just because it has been driven 90,000 miles. But it does mean that it is approaching the point when manufacturers expect some parts to begin wearing out. That isn’t even planned obsolescence – it is just plain common sense. Even on vehicles that have received regular maintenance visits, mechanical parts eventually wear out. Brake pads, oil, various filters – if you’ve reached 90K miles with your vehicle you already know that stuff has a finite time of usefulness. But there are other parts on your vehicle, such as the universal joint or even the pistons that after a while begin to feel those miles. Regular checkups and maintenance can prolong the life of these important parts, however, and a good mechanic can catch some problems before they have a chance to develop.

Conaway Motors is ready for your 90K Mile Service in Snohomish, just give us a call at (425)905-2424. We have the mechanics, and all the diagnostic tools necessary to give your venerable vehicle a thorough going over. We will discuss any problems we find, and give you an honest estimate of the work necessary to allow your vehicle to travel for another 90K – especially if it is a vehicle you love. After all, who needs monthly car payments when a little TLC will keep your old car going?