90k Tune-Up Mile Service at your Honda Repair Service Shop Near Kirkland

Conaway Motors can perform your 90k tune-up mile service at your Honda repair service shop near Kirkland, not only because we are an authorized Honda repair shop, but because we care about your car. Our goal is to fix it right the first time so that when you come in for you 90k check-up, it isn’t that different from all your other tune-up visits.

If your Honda has reached its 90k mark, let us first say, “Congratulations!” because that means that you have put in the dedication, the time and the investment to take good care of your vehicle. Honda makes some tough cars and trucks, but all vehicles require regular maintenance to run well. At the 90k mark there are some specialized check up items. These include checking the tie-rod ends for wear, taking a close look at the suspension, and replacing the differential oil as well as the transmission fluid. Of course, also included are all the regular maintenance visit items, such as oil and filter changes, checking hoses, and taking a look at the muffler/tail pipe/emissions complex.  We will also rotate the tires, replace them if needed, and let you know about any special wear patterns.

Call Conaway Motors at (425)905-2424 for your 90k tune-up mile service at your Honda repair service shop near Kirkland. We use only OEM parts, our diagnostic machines are correctly calibrated for your vehicle, and our certified mechanics keep up with the latest development in their field, as well as being aware of the needs of older vehicles. Give us a call to schedule your next service!