About That 60k Mile Service in Snohomish

About That 60k Mile Service in SnohomishConaway Motors would like to talk about that 60k Service in Snohomish. Some authorities suggest that your vehicle might not need this service check or that it isn’t as important as you might think if your vehicle has been getting its regular oil changes and tune-up checks.

To some extent, it is true that many of the service items in a 60k mile service might have been attended at your regular auto check-up session. However, many of us are not as careful about getting in those oil and filter changes as might be desirable. If you are a super-conscientious vehicle owner we are immeasurably proud of your diligence, but not every vehicle owner fits this description. One way to get around the double-charge syndrome is to roll your regular vehicle service in with the 60k mile service. Typically, at this mileage, your mechanic will take an extra special look at your spark plugs and the transmission fluid – unless you have a sealed system – will be changed. If it has been a while since your vehicle has been in for service, this is a good time to go ahead and do an oil change and take care of all the filters as well as getting the belts, hoses and flexible seals checked.

Conaway Motors would like to talk about that 60K Service in Snohomish, just call us at (425)905-2424 if your vehicle has reached that milestone. While it isn’t exactly a magic number, it is a checkpoint at which it is a good idea to take an extra careful look at the moving parts of your vehicle’s motor. Mileage is a better indicator than time for most vehicles, since actual usage can vary from owner to owner.