Most timing belts are primarily manufactured out of rubber, and over time will harden, crack, and can potentially rot. Once broken, your timing belt can no longer function properly and will cause your vehicle further damage which can be very expensive to fix.

Rather than wait until the timing belt has broken and you are out of a car, we recommend having an experienced mechanic inspect your timing belt routinely and replace it as needed – as dryness and cracks begin to develop. The certified automotive mechanics at Conaway Motors, know what they are looking for when facilitating a routine timing belt inspection, and will be able to advise if the timing belt in your Acura requires replacement or not.

Our mechanics are skilled in a variety of makes and models, including Acura’s. A timing belt which breaks can be a significant inconvenience and cause further damage to your engine, don’t wait until that point before having it inspected.

For your Acura Timing Belt Replacement Service in Everett contact Conaway Motors at 425-905-2424.