Are You Looking For Auto Repair In Lake Stevens?


Are You Looking For Auto Repair In Lake Stevens?

Do you need auto repair in Lake Stevens? Conaway Motors would like to become your regular auto repair shop. When it comes to auto repair, the sooner, the better to avoid long term issues. Here are some signs that you need to bring your vehicle in for service.

Your odometer– Keep an eye on your mileage. When your vehicle reaches 30k, 60k, and 90k miles, it is time to bring it in for a regular tune-up. These tune-ups are essential for the overall health of your vehicle. You should also keep track of your mileage to maintain a regular schedule for oil changes.

Sound- Do you hear a strange noise coming from anywhere on your vehicle. Chances are if you hear a thud, bang, or putter, something is probably going wrong. The sound indicates that you need to bring your vehicle into the shop ASAP.

Smell- If there is a strange smell coming from your vehicle, chances are you have something wrong. Often smells come from the exhaust, indicating a problem with your exhaust system. You may also smell something burning or the strong scent of brake fluid.

Lights- If your interior lights are failing or flickering, the chances are that something is wrong with your electrical system. The flickering of lights can indicate more significant issues that could bring your engine’s functionality into question. Getting electrical problems taken care of right away is very important in keeping your vehicle running well and your safety.

If you need auto repair in Lake Stevens, don’t hesitate to contact Conaway Motors right away at (425) 905-2424 to set up a service appointment. Sooner is always better when it comes to auto repair!