If you own an Audi, you need your Audi’s timing belt in good running order so that your vehicle will continue to run at peak performance. If your timing belt breaks, you could be looking at serious repair costs and inconveniences. The timing belt connects the cam shaft and the crankshaft together. It makes certain that both run at the right time, hence the name “timing belt.” When the belt breaks, it can cause the valves to bend.

Bent valves are bad news. Your Audi won’t run right, if it does at all, and if it does, you won’t have the right amount of power. Plus you can cause other problems with your engine if you choose to ignore it.

The good news is that changing your Audi’s timing belt is much cheaper than a valve job. There’s no set time the manufacturer suggests you should get your timing belt swapped, but you should replace it at least every 90,000 miles or every 72 months. Of course, you will need to replace the timing belt sooner if there is visible damage or significant wear to ensure that it does not break.

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