Auto Air Conditioning Service in Marysville

Auto Air Conditioning Service in MarysvilleConaway Motors can take care of your auto air conditioning service in Marysville. Autumn might seem like a crazy time to service your air conditioner, but after a summer of hard use, it is the perfect time.

There are a number of things on your auto air conditioning unit that can require service. Filters, hoses, O-rings and more can become worn. As a result, the air that should be flowing through them no longer flows – or at least not to the locations where you need it. Furthermore, some systems use the same air delivery system for heated air – and that can be important in the months ahead. Keeping your air conditioner in good repair is also important for the environment. The coolant used in many vehicles can be an environmental hazard, and should be managed by an EPA approved technician. Another source of trouble with your vehicle’s air conditioner can be the air compressor. Checking it is a part of your AC service. Another area of concern is the air conditioner drive belt and the serpentine belt. All of these are checked during this service operation. So you can see, there are quite a number of different parts that can affect your vehicle air conditioner.

Conaway Motors can take care of your auto air conditioner service in Marysville, just give us a call at (425)905-2424. We will give it a good going-over, change out the coolant, and take every possible step to make sure that your AC is ready for another season. You can feel good knowing that you are being environmentally responsible and that when the weather turns unseasonably warm or if you travel southward, you will be ready to maintain a comfortable temperature for both driver and passengers.