Auto Electric Repair and Service in Bothell by Conaway Motors

Auto Electric Repair and Service in Bothell by Conaway Motors

If you’ve found yourself suffering car troubles, it’s essential you find the technicians to repair your vehicle as quickly as possible. It may be tempting to try to fix your vehicle by yourself, but when your car has electric issues, you should trust professionals at Conaway Motors for auto electric repair and service in Bothell

How can Conway Motors help me?

Conaway Motors specializes in electrical auto repair, which means our focus is on the installation, service, repair, and replacement of all electrical parts and systems in your vehicle. These systems may include the air conditioning and battery for your vehicle.

What do automotive electric repair technicians do?

The main job of an auto electric repair technician is to identify the parts of a vehicle’s electrical system that are malfunctioning and then repair or replace these parts to ensure the vehicle is running properly and safely. Our professionals at Conaway Motors use an oscilloscope, voltmeter, and ammeter to assess these electrical issues.

How much will the electric repair service on my car cost?

The cost for electrical repairs on your vehicle varies widely, as many components in an electrical system may need replacement. Having a battery changed, for example, is a simple procedure with a relatively small cost. Replacing a vehicle’s starter, by contrast, can be much more expensive. Your automotive technician will discuss your estimate and all costs with you carefully.

Facing electrical automotive issues can be overwhelming. Knowing there are professionals to help you will ease some of your burdens. Call Conaway Motors right away for auto electric repair and service in Bothell at (428) 905-2424 so we can help you get back on the road!