Auto Electrical Repair & Service in Lake Stevens – What Does This Actually Do?

Auto Electrical Repair & Service in Lake Stevens - What Does This Actually Do?

Most car owners are somewhat aware of the signs that mean their car is due for a mechanic. Despite this, most car owners do not know when they need to go into an auto electrical repair & service in Lake Stevens. The main difference between a standard auto mechanic and an auto electrical repair & service is that the later is an auto electrician specialist.

Standard Mechanic Service

The average mechanic is able to do a large number of electric fixes due to the use of modern electrical components in day to day mechanics. These include:

● Electronic vehicle diagnostics
● Using dealer specific software scan tools to locate the source of the problem
● Perform diagnostics on electronics such as SRS airbag systems or electronic steering
● Replace starter motors or batteries
● Diagnose electronic fuel pumps

When is it Necessary to See an Auto Electrician?

Although most mechanics are able to work on electrical issues, there are times when it is better to see an auto electrical repair & service. This can include different installations and custom jobs such as:

● Installing or fixing radios, CB radios, anti-theft systems, alarm systems, or lights
● Apply skills to fix all electrical problems in a car
● Install aftermarket sound systems
● Install rearview cameras or sensors

Electronics Are Not Something to Mess With

Although your regular mechanic may be able to work on your electrical needs, it is not always something you want to let anyone work on.

At Conaway Motors, we are a specialized auto electrical repair & service in Lynnwood. Be sure to leave any electronic repairs or additions to a trusted professional. Call us at (425) 905-2424 with any questions or to schedule an appointment today.