Auto Repair in Everett

We understand at Conaway Motors that auto repair in Everett – or just about anywhere – can be scary when the need arises unexpectedly.

Auto Repair in Everett

June is the season for graduations, and grandparents are sometimes called upon to do extra driving. When your arthritis is crotchety from several hours of driving, and city lights are reflecting off your trifocals, you don’t need anything extra to worry about. Recently, a grandmother attended her grandson’s graduation. Everyone had a great time at the BBQ party after the ceremony. As they were packing up the picnic lunch, the boy’s mother said, “Oh, Mom! Your granddaughter (the graduate’s younger sister) would like to spend a week with you. The grandmother did some fast mental calculation concerning her own schedule, and said, “Of course. We will have fun.”

As she was pulling into a gas station, just as they were leaving town, the grandmother noticed the check engine light was on. She checked the oil and the coolant, and looked at the battery. Everything that she knew how to check seemed all right. She decided to live dangerously, and drive on home – 125 miles from the graduation event.

Next day, at the auto repair shop, she was relieved to learn that it was an air intake problem – something easily repaired and that “would not leave you beside the road,” according to her mechanic. This was a relief, since it was necessary to wait for parts.

At Conaway Motors, we know that you depend on your vehicle for many important things – from getting to work, to enjoying time with friends and family, and that your auto repair in Everett is important. Give us a call at (425)905-2424, and our professionally trained mechanics will diagnose that “Check engine” light, or the strange new noise in your motor so you can get on with your busy life.