Auto Repair in Lake Stevens

Auto Repair in Lake StevensConaway Motors is ready to help with your auto repair in Lake Stevens. No one loves auto repairs at any time of the year, and just as everyone is getting back to school is not the time to have a vehicle out of commission. Even if you don’t have children in school, and even if your business is not connected with the schools, the streets are busier than ever as parents are dashing to stores to get last minute school supplies, college students are decorating their dorms, and those life-long learners are out there taking advantage of the seasonal school supply resources.

No one wants to spend time waiting around in the lobby of an automotive repair shop, listening to the sound of air hammers taking off and putting on bolts back in the repair bay. But sometimes repairs are essential to keeping your car on the road. Mechanical contraptions do break down or wear out; and you might even have to bring a new car in for a recall, considering the automotive industries track record in the last four or five years. The new-fangled transmissions with 9 to 12 gears are supposed to shift more smoothly and improve gas mileage, but it seems that their computer-managed shifters have a few problems still – they seem to make bumpy transitions, and sometimes they turn off the car when it is in heavy traffic.

Conaway Motors is ready to help with your auto repair in Lake Stephens, just call us at (425)905-2424. We will make an honest estimate of the cost of the repair and the length of time that it is likely to take to get your vehicle up and running. We are the automotive repair shop where honesty is not left by the side of the road.