Auto Repair in Lynnwood for Your Vehicle

Conaway Motors can help you get auto repair in Lynnwood for your vehicle. Our specialty is European and Asian vehicles, but we are domestic certified for vehicles made in the US as well. When you bring your vehicle to us, we will first listen to your account of its behavior. Then we will run diagnostics, and perhaps even take it for a test drive. That will tell us which parts need our attention.  Our well-trained staff will then order any replacement parts necessary to get your vehicle back on the road, and do all the work needed to get to get it back into running order so that you won’t be left on the side of the road.

Auto Repair in Lynnwood

While all parts of your car or truck is Important, some repairs take precedence over others; and some are inexpensive in the short term and a money saving in the long term.  Replacing filters, changing the oil and installing new brake pads are items that count more as maintenance than repair – but they all prevent expensive and time consuming work in the long run. Dirty oil causes wear on your motor, filters that are clogged can prevent vital fluids such as the oil and fuel from reaching their appropriate destination, worn brake pads create a high-pitched screeching sound, and could cause your brakes to fail. When too worn, they can also damage the rotor. Cracks in the side wall or very worn out tread indicate that it is time for new tires. Although they might not seem vital, tires that have cracked sidewalls, or bulges have the potential to cause a blow-out.

If you need any auto repair in Lynnwood, call Conaway Motors at (425)905­-2424. We have the knowledge and experience needed to keep you and your vehicle going down the road.