Back to School Emission Service in Marysville

shutterstock_352063709At Conaway Motors it is time for back to school emission service in Marysville. The big yellow buses are out on the streets picking up school children, so air quality is more important than ever. If you suspect that your catalytic converter might not be working properly, or if your exhaust system is in any way compromised, we can help.

As you probably already know, cities in low-lying areas that are consistently humid are the most susceptible to that modern phenomenon known as smog. Unfortunately, this isn’t the name for a fantasy dragon, but it can be nearly as devastating as Smaug, the dragon that was so much a part of Tolkien’s stories of Middle Earth. However, there are some similarities. Smaug was waked up by greedy dwarfs who dug deep in the earth and waked up the monster. Smog, a mixture of dust, dirt, industrial smoke and car exhaust, is more of a silent monster that trickles into lungs, eats paint off automobiles and buildings and is partially responsible for causing acid rain. Neither sort of monster – the fantasy dragon Smaug, or the dirty air, smog, is particularly well loved. You can do your part to slay the monster by keeping up with your auto emission service. If you don’t care about it for yourself, then do it for the kids who are breathing that air while waiting for the bus.

That is why at Conaway Motors it is time for back to school emission service in Marysville, just give us a call at (425)905-2424 if your vehicle is due for a checkup. We can’t cure all the ills of the world, but if each one of us keep up with the emissions of our automobile, we are doing our part.