BMW Service & Repair Shop Near Marysville

Buying a BMW vehicle should never mean that you are left without great options for repair and regular maintenance. At Conaway Motors, Inc., we understand that you want the best for your vehicle investment so that you can keep it up and running efficiently for years to come. With the complex features under the hood and unique parts that are necessary with a BMW vehicle, you can always look to us to be the best option in a BMW service & repair shop near Marysville.

For well over 50 years, our highly regarded service shop has been family owned and operated. We not only employ the best technicians in the field for working on your BMW, but we also have a state of the art facility with all of the equipment and tools necessary to get the job done quickly and efficiently. From simple oil changes to more involved repairs, you can bank on Conaway Motors, Inc. to be your number one answer for everything BMW service related.

BMW Brake Service

According to the experts in the automotive world, a brake system that is malfunctioning can end up ruining the safety profile of the vehicle. When your BMW goes through thousands of miles of wear and tear on the road, your brake pads will have to be replaced. When you replace your brake pads in a timely fashion, you have the ability to prevent potential damage to the brake rotors. If it seems as though the rotors have already begun warping, you will need to either have them resurfaced or replaced. No matter what needs to happen, you can look to Conaway Motors, Inc. to help you by inspecting your brakes, offering quality repairs and parts, while also inspecting your brake lines and making sure that there is enough fluid.

Call Conaway Motors, Inc. for your needs in a BMW service & repair shop near Marysville at (425)905-2424. Specializing in European & Asian, domestic certified!