Braking Causes Shaking

brake repair in SnohomishHas this ever happened to you? You are minding your own business, driving down the road, singing along with the radio and suddenly a deer darts across your path. You quickly slam on the brakes to avoid a collision and your steering wheel feels as if it will shake out of your hands it is vibrating so violently. The problem is not going to go away on its own. It is important to solve the difficulty quickly to avoid further damage to your car. Bring it to Conaway Motors for expert brake repair in Snohomish.

Within your vehicle’s brake system, the calipers are distantly connected to the steering column so when your brakes are pressed and then shudder, so does the steering wheel. The likely cause of this issue could be one of three different problems: warped brake rotors, ones that are unevenly worn or new rotors that have been improperly installed.

If the brake rotors are only slightly warped or not equally worn, they may be removed and machined to straighten them out. If they are too warped or worn, they will have to be replaced. New rotors must be taken back out and then correctly re-mounted to the axle.

Don’t delay your brake repair. Your safety, the protection of your passengers and the well-being of people in the other vehicles on the highways cannot be ignored. Call the service department at Conaway Motors at 425-905-2424 today to schedule an appointment for brake repair. We will save you time and money.