Bring Your Mercedes to Our Service & Repair Shop Near Kirkland


Mercedes service & repair shop near Kirkland

Conaway Motors is ready to act as your Mercedes service & repair shop near Kirkland. We specialize in European and Asian made vehicles. We might repair the occasional American made car or truck, but the ones from other lands are truly where we shine.

The Mercedes has a long-standing history as being a glamorous vehicle. What you might not know is that Mercedes also manufactures, buses, coaches, and trucks. Karl Benz designed the first petroleum-powered vehicle in 1886. It was patented as the Benz Patent Motorwagen. The Mercedes Benz was designed by Emil Jellinek and was named the 35 hp vehicle after his daughter, Mercedes Jellinek. It was marketed in 1901. After World War II, the Mercedes Benz company paid $12 million in reparations to families of forced laborers in its factories. Since then, the Mercedes company has made many innovative changes to automobiles, enhancing their performance and safety. An I See Cars study in 2014 rated Mercedes Benz as the company with the fewest recalls. That says a great deal about company policy and integrity.

Conaway Motors is ready to act as your Mercedes service & repair shop near Kirkland, just call us at (425)905-2424. We, also, maintain high standards of integrity, particularly in the work we do on our customers’ vehicles. Our motto is that we are the company where honesty is not left by the side of the road. That means that we make honest estimates, we do the best work we can manage on any vehicle, and we always keep in mind that while we work on cars, people own them.  We firmly believe that applying good work ethics to auto mechanics produces good work and return customers.