Car Repair in Everett

car repair in EverettConaway Motors has your car repair in Everett. Winter is tough on vehicles. The cold air challenges fluids – particularly coolant. Salt-laden slush can splash up from roadways. Ordinarily dry pavements can turn into fast-moving waterways. None of these things are good for vehicles, and especially not for those lightweight cars that are intended as commuter transportation over paved highways and streets.

No one loves having their vehicle in the shop for repairs. After all, what’s to love? Your ride is unavailable. You know that there is going to be a bill for parts and labor. Here at Conaway Motors, we try to make that just a little bit easier on you. First of all, we give an honest estimate of the cost of labor and parts. We have to meet a budget – we figure you do, too. Second, we make every effort to get your car in and out in a timely fashion. We know that time is money – and the time you spend sitting in our waiting area isn’t increasing your earnings as a general rule. Best of all, we do our best to deliver real repairs that address the actual problem so that when your car or truck is back on the road, we have returned it to you in better condition than when you brought it to us. Good auto repairs can prolong the life of your vehicle. We know that puts money in your pocket in the long run – especially if you have a vehicle on which you are no longer making car payments.

Conaway Motors has your car repair in Everett, just call us at (425)905-2424. We believe in giving you honest repairs that help your vehicle to run better and that gets you back in the driver’s seat quickly.