Car Repair in Mukilteo

car repair in MukilteoConaway Motors has your car repair in Mukilteo. Our dedicated mechanics make it their mission to be diligent in searching for any reported problems in your vehicle, and making optimal repairs.

We say “diligent” because in the life of an auto mechanic there is always the mysterious squeak that is never heard on a test drive or the phantom malfunction that has to have exactly the right conditions to occur. The best method that we can recommend in those cases is to keep an eye on the problem and bring it again. Too frequently that little problem grows to be a bigger problem – and at that time, we can catch it before it becomes an emergency. Fortunately, auto mechanics have a lot more diagnostic tools at their fingertips these days than were available in previous years. Unfortunately, modern vehicles are a lot more complicated than a model T. In most cases, however, we can quickly locate the problem and repair it at a reasonable cost. No one loves having their transportation in the shop for repairs – but bringing it in at the first sign of trouble is so much better than having that squeak, grind or odd odor turn cause your car to be broken down beside the road. We make every effort to keep that from happening.

Conaway Motors has your car repair in Mukilteo, just give us a call at (425)905-2424. We will schedule your diagnostic session and repair as quickly as we can, while still being fair to our other customers. We promise to make fair and reasonable cost estimates and to remain within those guidelines unless we receive the go ahead from you. We are the repair shop where honesty is not left by the side of the road.