Car Service in Lynnwood

car service in LynnwoodConaway Motors is well versed in the process of car service in Lynnwood. Car service encompasses those very ordinary things that delay and sometimes even prevent major repairs. Car service includes things like annual inspection, checking and changing the oil, transmission fluid and coolant, as well as topping up power steering fluid and brake fluid – if they are needed in your vehicle.

Car service can also include rotating the tires, checking the brakes, and putting your car or truck up on a vehicle lift so the mechanic can look at the underside. Under there, he or she can see the universal joint, the muffler, the catalytic converter and all the rest of the exhaust system and drive train. It can even include a process referred to as “detailing” the vehicle inside and out. Detailing is mechanic speak for a thorough cleaning – a process that gets rid of accumulated oil and grime, and that can reveal potential problems while they are still small. Think of it as a physical, such as you might get from your doctor, only it is your auto mechanic going over your vehicle. Consider hooking your vehicle up to a diagnostic machine as the equivalent of telling your ride to stick out its tongue and say “Ah.”

Conaway Motors is well versed in the process of car service in Lynnwood, just give us a call at (425)905-2424 if your vehicle needs a check-up. We have the knowledge and the equipment. We will discuss any unusual findings with you before we do any repairs. We are the auto repair company that believes that honesty should not be left by the road. We all have budgets – we will do our best to help you keep your vehicle within the bounds of its budgetary share.