Certified BMW Auto Service & Repair Mechanics

A BMW is not just any car. You baby your Beemer like a member of the family, so why would you take it to just any mechanic when you need it repaired. When the time comes to have work done on your BMW, trust the Certified BMW Auto Service & Repair Mechanics in Everett at Conaway Motors.

Why Certified BMW Repairs?

Why do you need certified repairs for your BMW? Bringing your vehicle to a certified BMW service center, like Conaway Motors, ensures that the repairs are done by someone who truly knows these vehicles. The technicians at Conaway Motors do not just know vehicles, but we know BMWs. We have a clear understanding of what makes these vehicles ride so smoothly, and we are able to repair them as close to factory specs as possible.

What does this mean for you? It means that you will drive out of the repair center with a vehicle that feels almost as good, if not better, than it did the day you bought it. The same cannot be said when you take your vehicle to someone who works on your car, but has no clear training on fixing BMWs.

Not only that, but when you bring your car to a certified repair center, you will be certain that it will be fixed using factory direct parts. This means that your car will not be fitted with generic or after market products. You will have the same parts installed that it had when you bought it, and these parts will come direct from the manufacturer.

Why Conaway Motors?

Conway Motors has a team of certified BMW auto service and repair mechanics in Everett who are ready to serve you. Why should you choose us? Because our service team eats, sleeps and breathes BMWs. We know these vehicles like we know our own children, and we will make sure yours is running like a BMW should.

Not only that, but we have been family owned and operated since we opened in 1960. You could take your vehicle elsewhere, but you would not get the same level of personal attention you are certain to get with us. Our reputation depends on our ability to deliver high quality service to you each and every time you come in. So bring your BMW to us today, and drive away with a car that works just like you know it should. Contact us to schedule your BMW Repair, Service in Everett 425-905-2424 or click Here.