Conaway Motors is Your Clutch Repair Specialist

clutch repair in Lake StevensIs it getting more difficult to shift gears in your car? Is your clutch slipping or sticking? It may be time for clutch repair in Lake Stevens for your vehicle. Conaway Motors has expert technicians who can repair the clutch on any American or foreign car. We specialize in a variety of European models.

Clutch repair service is all-inclusive and covers inspection of the flywheel, pressure plates, pilot bearing, clutch disc and throw out valve. We will replace the clutch disc and worn pressure plates. If the flywheel can be resurfaced, we will do so; otherwise we will replace it. If necessary, we will also replace the throw out bearing. We will visually inspect the engine and transmission areas for leaks that may affect and damage your clutch.

Repairing your vehicle’s clutch is not an inexpensive undertaking but it is much less expensive than installing a new clutch. The cost depends on several factors. In general, clutch repair costs depend on the type of clutch and the type of repair needed. If your car has front wheel drive, repair will cost more because a front wheel drive clutch system is more complex than other types. A hydraulic clutch that includes slave and master cylinders is also more costly.

Give Conaway Motors a call at 425-905-2424 for questions about clutch repair in Lake Stevens for your car or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you with quality, affordable and timely clutch repair service. Contact us today.