Conaway Motors Offers Emission Service

Emission Service in EverettIs it time for your vehicle’s emissions testing? Did you bring your car for testing and it didn’t pass? Visit the ASE Master Certified Technicians at Conaway Motors for Emission Service in Everett.

Emissions are another name for the exhaust fumes that exit your vehicle while it is running. Automobile manufacturers build in safety features so few problems exist with emissions, unless a leak develops. Some of those vapors are potentially harmful to the environment so Washington and many other states test autos regularly to ensure that they meet state and national guidelines for safety. There are several vehicles that are excluded from emissions testing, so please contact us with any questions.

There are three kinds of emissions of which you need to be aware of. The first and most often thought of, are tailpipe emissions. That’s the haze you can see leaving your tailpipe. Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen oxides are examples of tailpipe emissions. Evaporative emissions are the second type of emissions. This is the evaporation of the car’s fuel. Since these emissions are heavy and stay closer to the ground, they are a leading cause of smog. The last kind of vehicle emission is the life cycle emission. This is generated during the auto’s construction, maintenance and eventual disposal.

To ensure a properly and safely working emissions system in your car, bring it to Conaway Motors for Emission Service in Everett. Call us today at 425-905-2424 to make an appointment for this important examination.