Dependable, Efficient Auto Air Conditioning Service In Mill Creek

Dependable, Efficient Auto Air Conditioning Service In Mill Creek

A damaged car AC system should be treated immediately. Not many people enjoy being in the middle of a summer’s day with no cool air blowing on them. Our team understands this and doesn’t want you to suffer any longer. Our mission is to provide a streamlined process and make auto air conditioning service in Mill Creek a breeze!

Common AC Issues You May Come Across

Your car’s air conditioner is meticulous and has many parts working together at once. Any of these can fail you and catch you by surprise. Here’s a list of common problems you may face:

  1. Refrigerant leakage – Over time, A/C systems age and undergo wear and tear, so leakage can occur at any moment and usually occurs at the air conditioning hose connections.
  2. Bad compressor – the function of the compressor is to circulate the refrigerant through the system and allow cold air to blow. One leading cause is that it’s been unused, and when it’s turned on after a while, it can cause a jolt in the system and damage it. You can prevent this by cranking the A/C on full blast for 10 minutes at least once a week.
  3. Blocked or broken condenser – When only hot air is blowing, it’s a sign there’s an issue with the condenser. If the airflow path gets blocked with debris, gunk, or some other cause, the refrigerant isn’t cooled down properly, and hot air is blown. Luckily, most cars’ condenser unit is located behind the front grill, so the problem can be spotted and resolved. 
  4. Wiring issues – The electrical wiring can be damaged by mice or other critters that can chew on them. Excess heat can melt the copper, and its ends can loosen or break altogether. If this is the case, have the car inspected by experienced professionals.
  5. Your car is overheating – Extreme heat can make it impossible for the A/C system to cool the refrigerant or function properly. Pay close attention to the temperature gauge and shut the car off if it’s approaching the red.

Conaway Motors is Your One-Stop-Shop For All Car Needs

Hundreds of clients who needed an auto air conditioning service in Mill Creek have been treated with the utmost professionalism repeatedly. There hasn’t been a problem with auto air conditioning servicing that our crew couldn’t handle. We pride ourselves on doing the work correctly in a single go. We understand your time is valuable and a functioning AC unit is much more critical, so call Conaway Motors at (424) 905-2424 today!