Do You Need A 90k Mile Tune-Up Service In Mukilteo?


Do You Need A 90k Mile Tune-Up Service In Mukilteo?

Are you considering a 90k mile tune-up service in Mukilteo? Coming in to see us at Conaway Motors is crucial when your vehicle hits 90,000 miles. A car with 90,000 miles on it is on the cusp of becoming an older vehicle. It is no longer new and needs to be catered to now more than ever.

Hopefully, you have maintained regular tune-ups and oil changes with your vehicle and won’t need any significant repairs when your car gets to 90,000 miles. Regular oil changes and tune-ups keep your vehicle in better overall shape and save you money over the long run.

During a 90k mile tune-up, mechanics will check out your entire vehicle and add fluid where needed, change gaskets, rotate your tires, and make sure that everything is in overall good working order. If anything significant needs to be done, our mechanics will consult the customer to see what needs to be done.

At 90,000 miles we will complete a regular tune-up including:

  • clean your fuel system
  • replace your timing belts
  • replace spark plugs and hoses
  • battery service

Most car manufacturers suggest a tune-up at 90,000 miles for the general health of your vehicle. It’s the third suggested tune-up after 30,000 and 60,000 miles. Even though tune-ups seem costly, they actually are saving you money in the long run by catching any issues before they turn into significant problems.

If you need a 90k Mile Tune-Up Service in Mukilteo, come see us at Conaway Motors. We want to help keep your vehicle running for as long as possible and in excellent running condition. We pride ourselves on our excellent work and customer service for an appointment or more information call (425) 905-2424.