Do You Need Marysville Brake Repair Service Soon?


Do You Need Marysville Brake Repair Service Soon?

Are you looking for quality brake repair service in Marysville? At Conaway Motors, we understand how scary it can be to have your brakes not working correctly. We want to share things you should look for if you think your brakes are starting to wear.

The number one thing that indicates a brake problem is when you start to hear grinding, squeaking, any other noises coming from your brakes. Along with the noises, you can often feel added resistance or pushing when you try to use the brakes.

In newer vehicles you may get a notification indication light that comes on, letting you know there’s a problem. You may get this indicator even before you are aware of a problem. This sign usually doesn’t mean it’s an emergency, but just a heads up that you need to take care of your brakes sooner than later.

Another thing to watch out for is pulsing or spongy feeling pushing back on your foot as you push down on the break. You should also know that the brake pedal can be an indicator of how well your brakes are doing. Just think of what happens when you have a brand new car, you can tap on the brakes and they are typically very sensitive. If pushing the brake feels spongy or soft, that could also be a sign that your brakes are in trouble and you’ll be needing brake repair service soon.

We are available to address whatever questions or concerns that you may have regarding brake service and how you can take care of your vehicle.

If you have any indication that your brakes are starting to go and you might need professional brake repair service in Marysville, call Conaway Motors today at (425) 905 2424.