Do You Need Fuel System Service in Mukilteo?

Conaway Motors can help with your fuel system service in Mukilteo. The fuel system of your vehicle is somewhat like a human circulatory system. Whether the vehicle is fuel by gasoline, ethanol or diesel, over time sludge can settle out of the fuel – particularly out of gasoline. More than that, gasoline tends to separate after a time, and develop a gluey substance.

Fuel System Service in Mukilteo

To help combat this tendency to collect impurities, fuel systems usually include a fuel filter. This filter collects the impurities and the gluey sludge out of the fuel. Eventually these filters fill up and can even begin to clog the system. At this point a new filter is needed. The tubes that carry the fuel can also become worn and develop leaks or cracks. Some models have fuel sending units or even fuel inject, and these have moving parts that can become worn and need to be replaced. Even the gas tank itself can reach a point where it needs attention – these are all part of the fuel system. A fuel system service involves checking these things to see that everything is in proper working order. After all, fuel is essential to your vehicle, just as blood is to you. The fuel stops, the car or truck stops. Furthermore, most vehicle fuels are flammable. Neglecting the fuel system sets up the potential for a fire.

Conaway Motors can help with any service for your car including fuel system service in Mukilteo, just give us a call at (425)905-2424, to set up an appointment. Our mechanics will check your fuel system, change the filter and take care of any problems that are discovered. Fuel systems are like your circulatory system. And like your circulatory system, the fuel system is essential to your vehicle.