Do Your Civic Duty with Exhaust Service in Mukilteo

Conaway Motors invites you to do your civic duty with exhaust service in Mukilteo. Does that sound a little odd to you? Let us explain how that works. One of the major causes of air pollution is the internal combustion engine. However, that can be reduced by making sure that your automobile exhaust system is in good working order.

Exhaust Service in Mukilteo

The exhaust system on your car or truck does two things for you: it cleans some of the pollutants out of the fumes that are exhaled from your vehicle and it can also make your motor run more efficiently.  In addition, it can reduce the noise generated by the motor. In order for it to reduce pollution and increase efficiency, the catalytic converter needs to be in good working order. That part of the exhaust system re-burns gases in the fumes from your motor, helping reduce the amount of gasoline needed to run your vehicle. It also keeps those fumes from exiting the tailpipe in their original condition, which cuts down on air pollution. Then, of course, there is the muffler, which keeps down noise pollution. If you’ve ever had an office or home near a busy intersection, you know how important this can be – especially during rush hour.

That is why Conaway Motors invites you to do your civic duty with exhaust service in Mukilteo.  It improves air quality, makes your engine run more efficiently and is considerate of your neighbors’ ears. If it is time to get your system checked, give us a call at (425)905-2424 and we will be glad to go over it, create an estimate, and take care of any needed repairs. That is our part of keeping up with making the world around us a better place.