Does Auto Air Conditioning Service in Bothell Come with Routine Maintenance Checks?

Auto air conditioning service in Bothell is one of the most sought-after automotive services, especially right before summertime. Once spring arrives, everyone is getting their air conditioners checked to combat the impending swelter of summer. However, your AC can go on the fritz at any time, and you might be surprised at when and how often you might need it to “clear the air” or get some airflow through your car, regardless of the season.

Typically, an automotive business like us at Conaway Motors will do a routine maintenance check of your vehicle’s basic functions while checking your air conditioner. Fluids and filters, for instance, are routinely inspected during automotive checkups, but you are welcome to make special requests for other services.

How Much Does an Auto Air Conditioning Service Cost?

The cost of auto air conditioning service depends on the make and model of your vehicle and ease of access. Some automotive manufacturers have made it difficult to get to the air conditioning system without moving several other components, and you are paying for the time of an automotive technician. On average, the whole process can cost anywhere from $60 to $150.

How Does an Auto Air Conditioner Work in Most Cars?

Automotive air conditioners work similarly to home air conditioners but on a smaller, more compact scale. Hot air is collected into the AC compartment, where it’s cooled with refrigerant, then pushed through coils to be released through the vents as cooler air. It’s a quick, efficient process and an interesting one to learn about!

Conaway Motors has a reliable reputation for auto air conditioning service in Bothell and surrounding cities. We also boast a wide range of other automotive specialties and services, so give us a call at (425) 905-2424 for a full list of what we offer.