Does Your Vehicle Need Frequent Oil Change, Lube & Filter Service In Mukilteo?

Does Your Vehicle Need Frequent Oil Change, Lube & Filter Service In Mukilteo?

What vehicle services do owners sometimes not take seriously? Oil change, lube, and filter! Don’t be one of those drivers. Bring your car in for an oil change lube & filter service in Mukilteo today! Get services like this and more at affordable prices from skilled technicians. Only at Conaway Motors!

The Purpose of an Oil Change, Lube, and Filter Service

The oil helps lubricate the inner components of your engine, not increase the friction between parts. It also helps reduce the heat generated from the engine.

As the oil circulates through the engine, it accumulates all the dirt particles created during combustion. Left as it is, these particles will turn the oil into sludge and clog the vehicle’s engine. That is where the filter comes in. It helps remove all such particles from the oil and keeps it clean.

The other part of this service involves chassis lubrication. The process requires forcing heavy-duty lithium grease with a lithium gun to all the moving joints, including steering joints, sway bars, U-joints, suspension bushings, and joints. Performing chassis lubrication seals out moisture, reduces friction, reduces wear, and extends the life of your moving joints.

The lube, filter, and oil must be changed regularly for the engine to run at its optimum best.

Why Choose Conaway Motors?

  • Experience in repairing Asian, European, and domestic vehicles
  • We only use genuine OEM parts
  • Our service is of the highest quality
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  • Our mechanics are AAA certified
  • We have provided 60+ years of reliable service

Conaway Motors provides professional oil change lube & filter service in Mukilteo. To know more about our elite auto repair shop, talk to a member of our team at (425) 905-2424.