Don’t Forget your Fuel System Service in Snohomish

Conaway Motors reminds our customers “Don’t forget your fuel system service in Snohomish.” Just about everyone knows about the need to keep up with oil changes, but too frequently people forget about the system that is the life blood of any internal combustion engine.

Fuel System Service in Snohomish

A fuel system service includes flushing and replacing the lines that deliver gasoline to your vehicle’s motor so that it can be used for that all-important job of driving the pistons that turn the crank shaft that delivers power to the transmission that regulates the revolutions per minute of your wheels. If that sounds like “The House that Jack Built” it isn’t so very different – except that it is more like the engine that Ford – and others – built. In addition to flushing out the lines and possibly the gas tank, this service will include changing the fuel filters, checking any systems such as fuel injectors and perhaps even checking the sludge build-up in your engine. Gasoline, when it is allowed to sit for any amount of time, builds up a gooey, glue-like substance. This can collect in the bottom of a gas tank, and be delivered into the motor when the tank is low, and that is bad news for your motor.

Therefore, Conaway Motors is reminding our customers, “Don’t forget your fuel system service in Snohomish or any other location,” and if it is time for yours, give us a call at (425)905-2424. We are here to help with all those small maintenance processes that help keep your vehicle running and can save you money by preventing bigger, and more costly repairs in the future. It is easy to forget about these small things – but we are here to help.