Effective, Reliable Fuel System Service in Lake Stevens

Effective, Reliable Fuel System Service in Lake Stevens

For those who don’t know, the fuel system takes the gasoline you buy at the station and delivers it to the engine. Each part of the fuel system must work properly for maximum function. The fuel system, like the rest of your car, requires servicing and a clean-out. For this reason, we recommend a fuel system service in Lake Stevens by Conaway Motors.

The Types of Fuel Systems

As a car owner, you should be informed at all times and know what system will be worked on specifically. Here are the four types of fuel systems:

  1. Single Point or Throttle-Body Injection – one of the more famous types of systems, and here the carburetor replaces up to two fuel injectors in a throttle body. The throttle body then works as the starting point for the car’s engine ventilation system. 
  2. Multi-point Injection System – most commonly used injection system. It provides a separate injector nozzle for each cylinder. This form of fuel injection system installs outside of each air intake.
  1. Sequential Port Fuel Injection System (SPFI) – all injection nozzles don’t inject fuel simultaneously, and each nozzle injects fuel according to the corresponding cylinder requirements. This increases efficiency and reduces emissions rate.
  1. Direct Injection System – one of the most simple and innovative types of injection systems. Fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber after opening the valves.


Work With The Best Crew In The Industry

The team over at Conaway Motors carries itself with the highest standards in the game. The professional service, paired with vetted experts, will easily handle your fuel system service in Lake Stevens. Prevent any further issues, and service your system today, so you don’t have to spend a pretty penny in the future. Call Conaway Motors at (424) 905 2424 today!