Emission Service in Lake Stevens

Emission Service in Lake StevensConaway Motors would like to remind our customers of the importance of emission service in Lake Stevens. In these early days of summer, we need to be aware of the smog that can turn up on the western coast of the United States, and in other locations. Anywhere that humidity or dust can hang over a city, the fumes and emissions of a busy industrial society can also collect.

Very few of us can change the output from factories or even from electrical plants,  but we can do something about the emissions from our own vehicles. The good news here is that emission service is a win-win situation for vehicle owners. First of all, just changing out filters can help your vehicle run better. Second, most emission control systems act as a sort of rebreather for gases that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere, feeding them back into the vehicle as a sort of added fuel source. This means lower gas mileage, as well as less output of harmful fumes into the environment. Of course, if you happen to be the owner of one of the new hybrids, you are miles ahead of the game. Emission service is usually one of the auto maintenance processes that has a modest cost – and the gains are magnificent.

Therefore, Conaway Motors reminds our customers of the importance of emission service in Lake Stevens, if it is time for yours, give us a call at (425)905-2424. We will be happy to help you keep up with this civic obligation. This particular auto maintenance item is good for you, good for your neighbors, and even good for the whole world. It is one way that you can do your bit for cleaner air and to slow down global warming. It just doesn’t get any better than that.