Energize your Car with Fuel System Service in Mill Creek

At Conaway Motors we have everything needed to energize your care with fuel service in Mill Creek. A fuel service includes things like checking for leaks, changing out filters and giving mechanical parts a once-over.

Fuel System Service in Mill Creek

A fuel service can’t prevent every fuel problem, although it can go a long way toward solving the worst of them. College students love exploring the unknown. For a group of students in 1971 in southern Missouri, that meant looking underground as well as on the surface of their state. Missouri has karst topography, which is to say that its limestone hills are riddled with caves. The states also has a plentiful supply of rocks of every description. This particular weekend, the speleology club had driven up a rocky incline to reach their cave. One of their vehicles, a low-slung Rambler American, hit a pot hole and then a rock, which put a hole in the gas tank. Fortunately, the hole was small. The club sponsor, who was also the college chemistry instructor, recommended rubbing soap over the hole to create a temporary closure. Since the hole was small, it was effective. The student’s mechanic (who was also her uncle) read her the riot act, however, for getting a hole in the gas tank. It seems that gas tanks are very difficult to repair since welding them is not an option!

We hope that your fuel service will not include such an extreme repair. However, here at Conaway Motors, we have the expertise to take care of your fuel service in Mill Creek. More than that, we won’t give you a lecture about care of your vehicle – although we might offer tips for creating better performance. Just give us a call at (425)905-2424.