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Engine Drivability
Customer Diagnostic Survey Form
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The Concern Occurs

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* Check Engine Light:OnOff

Driving Performance
Engine idles rough/unsteadyEngine idles too fastHesitatesStallsLacks PowerMisfiresPings or KnocksRuns on after key is turned offBackfires (popping noise)Speed changes without touching accelerator

Fuel Mileage Changed:
When the concern occurs *
Light to medium accelerationHard accelerationDecelerating (Foot off accelerator)Cruising (constant or highway speed)Braking slowlyBraking suddenlyTurning

Air Conditioning
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Concern Started

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Since the vehicle was newSince the vehicle was serviced lastImmediately after fueling

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RegularMid gradePremium
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Driving Habits
Are the principal driver?YesNo
Drive hard before engine warm? YesNo
Allow the engine to warm Mins
Vehicle Parked:InsideOutside
Drive less than 15km or 15 mins/dayDrive 15-18km or 15-60 mins/dayDrive more than 80km or 1hr/day
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