European Auto Repair Shop Near Lake Stevens Presents a Short Overview of the Beginnings of Automobiles

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In many ways, the history of automobiles began in Europe.  Like many mechanical inventions, the history of automobiles begins with the military.  In 1769, Nicholas Cugnot invented a steam posteam-powered to use to haul cannon.  This was the first self-propelled road vehicle.  This early vehicle was an ungainly object.  It had a large water container behind, and it was a little more than a flatbed wagon.  Soon, however, more self-propelled steam vehicles were invented.  In 1832 the first electric vehicle was created.  It traveled 4 mph and required frequent recharging.  In 1860, Jean Joseph Ettienne Lenoir invented the first automobile with a two-stroke internal combustion gas powered motor.  In 1879, Siegfried Samuel Marcus created the first full-size car propelled with gasoline.  In 1885, the Benz Motorwagon was the first automobile commercially available to the public.  It had three wheels and bore a stronger resemblance to a large tricycle that than to the sleek machines that would be later sold by Mercedes-Benz.  It used a Daimler engine, electrical ignition to start the motor, and had a system of water cooling to keep the motor operating properly.  Certainly, automobiles have come a long way since those original models.

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