Everett Brake Service

Everett Brake ServiceConaway Motors can help with your Everett brake service. Regular brake service can help prevent those suspenseful moments when you wonder if your vehicle might slide into the Snohomish River or slip into Port Gardner Bay, or even make  close contact with a building or another vehicle. Accelerating, braking, and steering, after all, are the first three operations taught to beginning drivers.

These are also three things that are of importance to that next stage of vehicular navigation: self-driving cars. In spite of the models that are in testing, having a vehicle that will drive you to work is still a thing of the future – so don’t install your coffee maker or stock up on newspapers for your car just quite yet. The Friday, July 29, 2016, an article in Reuters about the May 7th Tesla self-driving car crash points up the need, not only for good brakes but for an operator who can tell the difference between a truck and a bridge. Tesla engineers suspect that the vehicle might have “ignored” the tractor-trailer truck, thereby failing to brake.  The accident  led to the death of Joshua Brown when his Model S, which was using the Autopilot mode, drove under the truck. It is the first fatality involving self-driving vehicles. The NHTSA is evaluating the vehicles to see if they constitute an unreasonable risk to drivers.

Meanwhile, Conaway Motors can help with your Everett brake service, just call (425)905-2424 to get your brakes taken care of today. So far, responsible human control is still the best way to steer your vehicle down the road safely and even with an autopilot, brake service is  still going to be an essential part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance.