Exhaust Service in Lynnwood, of Greater Benefit Than You Might Think

exhaust service in LynnwoodConaway Motors would like to talk with you about exhaust service in Lynnwood, which is of greater benefit than you might think. If you are like most folks, you think of your exhaust system as being the tailpipe and muffler, which work together to reduce the sound from your motor. However, there is a great deal more going on there.

Your exhaust system also cuts down on emissions from your motor. Fumes are a part of any combustion process, and automobiles are certainly not exempt from that rule. While the jury is still out on the question of global warming, atmospheric conditions in places like the LA basin show that the way that automobiles and factories affect the air that we breath is certainly well known. And it isn’t just LA and similar areas that are affected. Smog might be more likely to settle in low-lying areas, but air doesn’t stay within man-made boundaries. California was one of the states to adopt regulations about vehicle emissions and to encourage the use of catalytic converters. However, these converters not only limit the toxicity of your vehicle’s exhaust, they also improve your gas mileage by reusing some of the gases that would otherwise simply be vented out the tail pipe. Now that’s a win-win kind of situation!

Conaway Motors can provide your exhaust service in Lynnwood, just call us at (425)905-2424. Our team will check the sections from the manifold to the tailpipe – and all in between – and quickly create an estimate for any needed repairs, or let you know if everything is in good working order at the time of inspection. Having the exhaust system working correctly improves air quality and your vehicle’s over the road performance.

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