Finding Mechanical Support for Older Vehicles

auto service in SnohomishFinding automotive parts for older cards can sometimes be a bit of an issue, especially engine and exhaust parts. While cars made in the last 10 to 15 years still have plenty of aftermarket support, vehicles that are at the 20 year mark or older present more of a challenge. The aftermarket support is necessarily available anymore from dealerships, and the original car manufacturer may have moved on, shutting down original equipment supply. That then leaves the third party market as the remaining supplier. Some third party suppliers cover quite a range of parts, and some don’t. The type of car and model as well as the brand will dictate market expectations, and suppliers will make parts accordingly. When it comes to auto service in Snohomish, including the servicing of older vehicles and sourcing of parts, Conaway Motors can help.

The other source of parts, of course, is used vehicles themselves that are salvaged and parted out. These parts come in a variety of condition and are not new. A good mechanic will vet the part and confirm its life and usability before use, but if not inspected carefully, a part generally will not last near as long as a new one.

However, used original parts will fit exactly whereas third party supplies may have small detail issues and aberrations. This can make the installation a bit of an issue. Again, a good mechanic will anticipate this potential problem and will procure parts with an eye for details and any needs that have to be fixed during installation.

Conaway Motors has been repairing and providing maintenance support for vehicles in Everett, Washington for the last 40 plus years. We have an excellent staff who understands the market for older car repair and what’s needed to provide the best repair work. Folks in Everett won’t find a better source of older car help in the region. For more information regarding our auto service in Snohomish, or to schedule an appointment, contact Conaway Motors today at (425)905-2424.