Four Signs that You May Need Repairs on Your Vehicle’s Muffler and Exhaust

Four Signs that You May Need Repairs on Your Vehicle’s Muffler and Exhaust

Your automobile is loaded with mechanical components that make it go, go, go wherever you need. However, when one or more of those components fail, it can wreak havoc on the reliability and safety of your vehicle. One of the most common problems for many cars is the muffler and exhaust. Luckily, Conaway Motors is a dependable auto repair shop specializing in muffler and exhaust repair services in Mill Creek. Just give us a call or drive on in for an inspection!

Cars have routine behaviors. As a daily driver, you learn about your car, how it drives, and how it acts and feels as you drive it regularly. This is why you would notice something wrong when changes in your automobile’s behavior.

While there are several signs of muffler and exhaust issues in your car, the four main signs to watch for include:

  • Roars from your engine, especially after beginning to drive again after a full stop. Some people will replace their traditional exhausts with louder exhausts on purpose, but if you haven’t, then roaring isn’t normal for your vehicle.
  • Burning smells or smoking from under the hood. It may smell like an excess of burnt oil.
  • Slow acceleration, especially after a full stop. Your car may also experience difficulty starting when you first get in to drive.
  • Knocking or loud bangs coming from underneath the car while you drive. Some bangs can be explained by the road you drive on, like gravel or dirt roads. But if the noise happens on smooth highways and normal street roads, there’s a problem.

We at Conaway Motors understand how important it is for you to have a reliable vehicle for your daily commutes. To learn more about our specialty with muffler and exhaust repair services in Mill Creek, call us at (425) 905-2424.